project management assignement

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pmp project – first section.docxcost estimates and budget1.jpgcost estimates and budget2.jpgproject plan 1.jpgproject plan 2.jpgproject schedual 2.jpgproject plan 2.jpgproject risk factor.jpgproject scheduaL 1.jpgproject schedual 2.jpgproject schedual 3.jpgquantitive risk.jpgrisk assessment.jpgWBS 1.jpgWBS 2.jpg

Dear Sir,

I need to do this assignment : 

Course name : ( Project Management )

Book : ( project management ) second edition by Jeffery K. Pinto

This project has 5 sections as bellow :

  1. Integrated Project : building
    your project plan.  Done but need some

  2. Integrated Project : WBS (
    work breakdown structure ).

  3. Integrated Project :
    Project Risk Assessment with risk mitigation strategies.

  4. Integrated Project : Developing
    the Cost estimates and budget .

  5. Integrated Project : Developing the project

The first section I did it and attached .

The project name I chose it (Medical
Manufacturer for syringe)

I also attached the pages from my book which
the instructor ask me to follow it and do the assignment : all the number  are estimation but should not similar the number in book

Should every point be clear and logic.

Should the assignment start by the plan
section 1 and finish by Gantt chart and Network Diagram for ABCups, Inc.  project (  ) .

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