Project Management at Six Flags, New Jersey, MGT324 homework help

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View the video “Project Management at Six Flags, New Jersey(click to view online). Review this clip and discuss the following:

  • What type of Project Management techniques are used at your place of work? ( Remember we all have a system to keep us on track whether you are in a manufacturing facility, a service organization or even a student.) For this view discussion need 200 words.
  • reply 1,2 students posts

1:I was in HR department in a socks manufacturing company. I was there as MTO (Management Trainee Officer). I learn how different people work for some specific areas of operations and functions. They were divided into two major categories, the executive members of the company and the working staff. Executives are from services and manufacturing while workers are only in the manufacturing. This include spinning of yarn, dyeing, knitting, toe closing, trimming, quality assurance, washing, and packing of final product. Merchandising department is performing to process the orders, customers dealing, management of raw materials, purchase of goods and services, and follow up for smooth operations at all levels. HR department performed as strategic partner of the top management of the company. These officials provide them most effective manpower to perform effectively and efficiently. Being a part of HR project, I was participated in the training of employees, orientation, recruitment, selection, compensation, development, health & safety, and for the social compliance of employment. I learn different professional skills during this job for instance, communication & interaction, personal assessment & evaluation, and other HR operations. I learn that project management can be at department level and at company level. It depends on the nature of work and demand.

2The college I work at uses many of the project management techniques discussed in the chapter. Most of our projects a lead by project teams. For example, to stay accredited, we have an accreditation task team that handles getting everything organized for audits, tasks the organization needs to improve on, and making sure that the things we are doing well we keep doing them well. We have different committees for different projects, the majority of employees are involved with different committees and different projects within those committees. If a pure project structure is used, it is not often and not for long because all of the employees have their full time positions and responsibilities to do along with tasks with the committees. Many times there is an overlap for your task on a committee that ties in with your position’s responsiblitie.

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