Prop 36 Amendments to California’s Three-Strikes Sentencing, sociology homework help

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Please view the below video entitled Prop 36 Amendments to California’s Three-Strikes Sentencing.  Please only watch part 1 of the video which is about 4.5 minutes long (the video will automatically play part two after concluding part one).  

This video discusses California’s Three Strikes sentencing law which was originally enacted in 1994. The Three Strikes law in California required that a defendant convicted of any felony with two or more prior strikes, to serve a mandated a state prison term of at least 25 years to life.  This video discusses Proposition 36, in 2012, which amended the law by requiring the third strike/felony to be serious or violent felony, among other lesser changes.

In your first post please: (1) discuss whether you believe California’s Three Strikes law pre-Proposition 36 is constitutional and whether the Proposition 36 change makes California’s Three Strikes law constitutional, and (2) discuss whether the three strikes and you’re out laws accomplish the following purposes of punishment: deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.

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