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we are reading and watching versions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as well as some texts concerning motives for adaptation and translation of stories. Your goal with this essay is to identify a specific opportunity for conversation in this set of texts and develop an original and interesting claim (likely in response to a question emerging from your sense of the opportunity for conversation). Remember that an opportunity for conversation can be a gap, tension, contradiction, ambiguity, or difficulty in the texts or the subject of the text. While the opportunity for conversation in your first paper was necessarily located within Anzaldua’s essay, you can tackle a slightly broader issue for this essay; your evidence is limited to the texts listed below and must include at least one version of Macbeth and at least one of the articles.

Essentially, by choosing the sources that you will work with, you are setting up a conversation between the authors about the play. Then, you are ready to enter into that conversation and make your unique claim in response to what the other authors are saying/doing.

Tip: A strong claim is an answer to a complex question. You might find it useful to begin this assignment by formulating a question and drafting your essay by pursuing the question through close analysis of passages from the assigned texts. You can then revise your draft so it is organized to support your claim.


Pratt’s “Arts of the Contact Zone”

Anzaldua’s “Toward a Mestiza Rhetoric”

Korn-Bursztyn’s “Translating Stories Across Cultures”

No Fear Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood

Roes’ Someone Is Sleeping in My Pain

chose one of those readings mentioned up there and write a porposal draft up to 250 words abouot the goals of this poposal and the goal and also write a claim.

after finishing the porposal i want you to answer these questions in a seperate doc.

1) Who is your audience? How do you make that clear in your writing?

2) What is your claim?

3) Why does your audience need to hear your claim?

4) How does your claim differ from what others are already saying in this conversation?

5) What do you think you’re struggling most with in planning this essay?

Please then write your claim below your answers. We’ll talk about all of this when we meet!

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