Proposal Memorandum that Outlines a Plan to Reduce the Amount of Waste and Save Your Company Money

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Each day, you observe numerous practices in your office that are not “environmentally friendly” and that also cost your company money. A lot of paper is wasted, for instance, on print jobs that no one claims. Identify one of these practices and write an unsolicited internal proposal to your supervisor that outlines your plan to reduce the amount of waste and save your company money.

Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

Here is an example of how the format of this Persuasive Message should be:


To: David Smith

From: Winston Churchill

Date: June 15, 2011

Subject: A money saving proposal that reduces waste.

There is a solution to the huge amounts of paper waste in our cooperate offices nationwide. The throwing away of memos, reports and other printed waste increases our expenses not only for the initial cost of printing, but also for the cost of disposal. Our company can cut our supply and disposal expenses in half by reducing our paper usage, reusing as much of the paper we already have and recycling any paper we are unable to use.

It has been estimated that office employees consume thousands of paper products every year. The cost of this can be estimated at $16,000 per employee per year in just the cost of copy paper alone. By cutting the absurd amount of paper used by employees we will be helping our pocket books and the environment as well. We went green way before it was popular to do so with our reusable bags and our e-mail promotions. By asking now that employees check their print jobs before they print and that they do all their editing on their computers we will be combining our uses of environment-friendly office practices with the cutting-edge technology that we take pride in using.

A normal office can easily generate about two to three pounds of waste in paper alone in one day. For every ton of paper that is recycled, we can save 19 trees, which can be used for creating homes and schools. In addition, about 500 gallons of oil is used to make office paper. Cutting our paper usage saves on our use of fossil fuels and pollution. The more “green” we are, the more money we will retain.

Here are some examples of polices that should be considered for adoption:

  • First, we should request employees print only the most important materials. Place and enforce a limit on printed e-mails and require employees to store their work digitally. This will also save us on fire insurance because there will be less flammable materials in our offices.
  • Next, we should request employees always revise their work digitally before they print and make sure employees use both sides of paper and to single space their papers to limit excess waste.
  • We should request that letterhead, copier paper, computer head, scratch, notepad, and tablet paper along with envelopes, stationary, and typing paper be recycled.
  • All reports that are not confidential can be used as scratch paper.

An appointed Recycling Coordinator can also be a step in making sure all of these new policies are being incorporated effectively in our offices. Their duties should include the monitoring of resources and identifying and creating more new policies that increases our profit margins by cutting our use of resources. This will also generate lots of good PR for our company and help use to keep our edge in the fashion world as the most “green” company in the malls of America.

It would greatly benefit the company if you were to instate these polices and develop an ecofriendly recycling program for our offices. The policies and the recycling program will reduce waste and increase profits. I truly recommend that you look into my suggestions further and hopefully implement them in the near future.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. You can reach me by phone at 555-555-5555 or by e-mail.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Winston Churchill

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