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Option #2: Proposed New Quality Focus for Project Success

Paper and presentation required—You have just been hired as the first ever Director of Quality in a privately owned service agency with national and international units that have 750 employees across the globe. In this Portfolio Project, you are to write a 6-8 page letter to your employees that, (1) fully explains the new quality focus for project success, (2) your expectations of both the internal and external teams, (3) what strategic changes will be put in place, and (4) the tools and theories that are to be the important cornerstone of a data-driven business process and quality management organization. At a minimum, your paper should include explanations of the following and how they relate to this new focus on quality:

  • Your expectations of the team both internal and external
  • Your direction for the organization’s culture
  • What strategic changes will be put in place and why
  • The tools and theories that are to be the important cornerstone of a data-driven business process and quality management organization like reengineering, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, SPC, QFD, and others for quality management (while your text is most important, you should include appendices with calculations or diagrams beyond the 8-10 page requirement)
  • An appendix that offers explanations of the tool use
  • Expectations for project management standards that impact quality management
  • The role of politics, the voice of the customer, ethics, trust, team dynamics, and training on quality management
  • An appropriate decision-making and problem-solving approach to support quality management
  • Expectations for benchmarking and best practices
  • Change management
  • Communication plan

End with a statement on how a data-driven approach to quality enhances the likelihood of project management success, and how implementation will proceed. Include a 2-3 slide presentation that you will present to the Board of Directors that explains the information in your letter. Include “Notes” with your slides. Also submit your cover letter, references, and supporting documentation in addition to the 2-3 slide presentation.

The final paper should include 6-8 pages with a strong thesis statement in the opening section, body paragraphs that tie back to the thesis, and a conclusion that synthesizes the main ideas. Your presentation includes 2-3 slides of important information for the Board of Directors. Cover page, references page, and appendices are not included in the 8-10 page paper, nor the 2-3 slides of the presentation, but they are also required.

Use proper APA Style for CSU-Global Campus as specified in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. Utilize the textbook and course documents, but include at least five additional academic sources to support your writing, preferably from the CSU-Global Campus Library. Please note students may use nonacademic sources, but five academic sources are required. “Academic sources” refers to academic information other than the textbook and course materials and does not include popular press, trade press, or .com, .org, and .net websites.

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