PSY 101 assingment

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Need help with an assignment must be in APA, at least 300 words each and must provide examples. work will be submitted to the plagiarism checker.  

Suppose that a new “miracle pill” allows a person to function without
sleep. Thus, a person who takes the pill will never sleep—or dream—
again. Knowing what you do about the functions of sleep and
dreaming, what would be some advantages and drawbacks of such a
pill from a personal perspective? Would you take such a pill? Why or
why not? Keep in mind that a complete answer should be well supported;
in other words, be sure to apply psychological theories
and concepts to answering the question.

 2. Explain five sleep disturbances. Based on theories and concepts from
Chapter 4 of your text, suggest three strategies you can employ to
improve your sleep. 

3. Imagine that you are working as a mental health professional. A
college student confides in you that he is struggling with alcohol and
marijuana addiction. How would you explain to him the difference
between psychological and physiological dependence? What
information would you explain to him regarding these classes of
psychoactive drugs? Be specific.

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