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This is one of my favorite activities for this class. At one point, I could assume all my students had seen this movie and we could discuss it in class. However, now that I’ve turned into an old hag–and my students have gotten younger–I can no longer assume that.

Therefore, your last assignment is: TO WATCH A MOVIE (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.!!!

And answer some questions about that movie about motivation, satisfaction, and leadership theories.

There is strong language in this film, so please be aware of that. But it is also a cult classic and one of the few accurate movies on working out there.

I hope you enjoy this assignment!

You can rent it through Amazon (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.or any other place you’d like.

Answer the following:

  1. What affects Peter’s job satisfaction? What causes him to like or dislike his job? Feel free to draw on ideas of facet satisfaction and theories such as the job characteristics model (including GNS). How do technology and the environment affect Peter’s job satisfaction?
  2. Why is Peter unmotivated? What affects the motivation of his friends? What about JoAnna? What could increase Peter’s motivation (or JoAnna’s) at work? Feel free to draw on equity, Job characteristics, Expectancy Theory, Path-Goal model, Reinforcement theory. You only need to draw on one theoretical approach!
  3. Using the information we learned about leadership, what is the leadership style of Peter’s boss? Is it appropriate? How could he be a better leader?
  4. Why is JoAnna’s manager so worked up about her pieces of flair? Perhaps he sees the amount of flair she wears as an outward demonstration of her organizational commitment. Using what you know about organizational commitment, how can “flair” be an example of an employee’s organizational commitment. Why is forcing someone to wear flair not likely to affect their true organizational commitment.
  5. Stealing a part of a penny from every transaction is an example of a counterproductive work behavior. How would their scheme to steal parts of pennies be related to what you know about equity theory (and/or justice)?

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