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I have an assignment regarding to psychology.

My professor wants any topic in Psy. as long as it’s well covered.

No less than 4 pages, and the topic has to shown how it’s relate to life/self.

My professor will grade that paper according to the ( Title – intro – method – results – discussion and reference ).

” All student are required to complete a critical thinking paper. You are asked to choose a topic ( Historical event, observation you have made, person, book, movie) and analyze it via what you have learned in this course. Typically, it will be 3-4 pages and should include a discussion of the methodology you employed, theoretical consideration, and ethical issue. This is not a library research paper. The only reference most of you will need or use is your text. simply show me you can apply what you have learned to some actual psychological situation. Be sure to include some reference to how your analysis applies to your life and/or the lives of others.”


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