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  1. find a peer-reviewed research article from a psychology journal (i.e., the journal should have the word “psychology” in the journal’s name; e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology).
  2. Read the article and identify the journal type and sections listed in the discussion description. It is recommended students find an “original research” article to help identify most terminology and sections previously listed.
  3. Post a discussion with the following information (for this week, a list is fine versus paragraphs):
    • Article name
    • Author’s last name(s)
    • Year of publication
    • Journal title
    • Journal Article type and explanation why is was this type based on the handout
    • List as many items as you can find in the journal terminology and sections list above, then provide an example for each. If the section was not found, explain a reason why as best you can
    • Attach the article to your discussion post


Hello Class,

The following information was obtained after searching the Keiser Online Library for a peer-reviewed research article.

Article name: Learned social hopelessness: The role of explanatory style in predicting social support during adolescence

Authors’ last names: Ciarrochi and Heaven

Year of Publication: 2008

Journal title: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Journal article type: original research – The Ciarrochi and Heaven (2008) article was original research because the authors described the research process they applied to collect and analyze data including the methods, results, and conclusions.

Lead Author: Ciarrochi

Secondary Author: Heaven

Abstract: The abstract was listed in the beginning of the article and included a brief description of the background, methods, results, and conclusions sections.

Introduction: There was no introduction section, but the first paragraph clearly explained the research topic, which was an investigation of pessimistic explanatory style and the negative impact it can have on hopelessness and depression.

Literature Review: The literature review section was not clearly stated, but the information was clearly visible as Ciarrochi and Heaven (2008) addressed “the importance of explanatory style and social support” (p. 1279), and other key concepts needed to provide a background of the research topic.

Methods: continue to develop the rest of the discussion using this format……

NOTE: as always for every discussion and assignment, students must properly cite resources in-text and in a “References” list.

Responses to Other Students:

Please review the initial post of at least two other students and respond by Friday (consistent with your daily checklist). If needed, review the article they found and comment on their initial post. This could include correcting or clarifying information, expanding on their discussion if you find additional information they missed, and so on.

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