questions and answer#6

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Discussion Board Forum #6 – Ch 4

Chapter 4: Impression Management in Action

This is to help make your own impression management visible – and to help you see how integral it is to your everyday life. As you observe the most minute aspects of your interactions, you will probably discover that you perform somewhat different versions of yourself in the two situations. “Doing student,” for instance, might be very different from “doing boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Think about how you act and interact in a specific social situation (for example, at work, at a family birthday celebration, at lunch with friends, in your math class, riding on the bus or train, or watching a softball game), and how you present yourself in the setting.

Answer the following questions.

  • How are your facial expressions, body language, and so forth (“expressions given off”) presented in this situation?
  • What kinds of things do you say (“expressions given”) in this situation?
  • How do you modify what you do and say in this situation? Are there things you say or do in this situation that would be inappropriate, strange, or even absurd in the other situation?
  • Does engaging in impression management mean that we have no basic, unchanging self? If we bring different selves to different situations, what does that say about the idea of a “true self”? This issue is an important one, and we hope you use your Data Workshop findings to pursue it in greater depth.

Below is an interesting clip about impression management (from the Sociological Cinema, under Web Links). Very awkward situation in terms of impression management! (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


-use your own word please and DO NOT COPY ANYTHING ON LINE! I will be turn in this home work in turn it in! Please Use easy grammar and must use your word to answer all these questions.

-must be complete by complete sentences (at least Approximately 250-word POST or REPLY that appropriately addresses the topic. )around 6-7 sentences.

-if you need books to answer the questions I will sensed to you.

-use easy grammar and easy to understand! Please!!!!!

———————————————————————Next, read and respond to at least two other students’ posts.(for every respond 3-5 sentences

1.When I put myself in a situation like work, I think it changes how I act. “Doing employee” would probably be the best description for this. During work hours I am much more rigid and stiff. I do not really slouch too much or slack off and stay focused. I really only have 2 facial expressions as well. It is either intently focused or happily smiling. Even if what is in my head is completely opposite of what is going on. I have to pay attention strictly the task at hand whether that be with a customer or with a document.

My speech in this situation is very proper and tends to stay on terms of academic verbiage. People want confidence from the person they are talking to so you consistently have to stay on top of your diction. I would stay away from words like can’t or won’t. Unless they are specifically necessary. Also, when I speak, I stay away from absolutes.

In other situations, like school and other academic activities this speech pattern is perfectly acceptable. However, when I am with my friends, it would be absolutely useless and strange. They would just look at me as if I were a robot and you can’t really have too many friendly functions as a robot.

I think the true self is definitely within each personality we bring to the table. Every single step that we take is affected by who we are. I can only present my self this way at work because I have it as a part of my personality. I truly believe that the true self concept is alive in each personality. As rigid and stiff as I become at work, that doesn’t change my naturally gregarious character. Not to mention, I still spend time with friends and that speech pattern is a mix and match of colloquial terms and academic terms. Furthermore, a false personality created, such as the one I used when I began my job, slowly devolve back into your natural self and you begin to become comfortable with your true self.


I will post the other person’s respond when you get the work! and also I am looking for a long term tutor for 4weeks if you are interesting in it i am glad to let you be my tutor for 4weeks, and also every time when you finish the work when you put your time in I could see it and you will get tips!!!!

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