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Must be reference ( APÁ style ) use textbook or other resources to help you answer these questions

Essay #1: Name and describe the locations and actions of Major & Minor muscle typically used in breathing? ( chapter 9 & 10 )

Essay #2: Also if a person who is 88 yrs old claims “ I can’t get around like I used to.” What changes in his muscle tissue might make this true? What would you recommend to slow the process? ( Chapters 9 & 10 )

Essay #3: Discuss the roles of prime movers, antagonists, synergists, and fixators in movement? ( chapter 10 )

Essay #4: Describe the possible ways in which sympathetic preganglionic neurons may connect with postganglionic neurons? What organs tissues or structures are control only by the sympathetic nervous system and not the parasympathetic nervous system? What are the various types of autonomic neurons and receptors? ( chapter 14 )

Essay #5: Name and briefly describe the common Types of Arthritis? ( Chapter 9 )

Essay #6: Some bacteria produce a toxin that causes a Flaccid paralysis. Other bacteria produce a toxin that causes all of the skeletal muscles to contract at the same time ( Spastic paralysis ). Define these terms ( Bold text) how might these toxins cause their effects on the muscle? If the toxins also destroy peripheral neurons, describe the process used to repair a peripheral neuron if it’s damage ( chapter 12 )

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