Rachel Botsman-Case for Collaborative Consumption

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The purpose of this assignment is to critically think about economic levels.


If you haven’t already watch the video at right (or watch it again so it is fresh in your mind). Using the information you learned in your reading this week, think about how you would define a mezzo level and a macro level in the type of economy that Rachel Botsman presents. Then, write a substantive paper in approximately 500 words addressing the questions and criteria below. (Follow APA guidelines as is appropriate when citing and referencing sources.)

    • For example, are there mezzo systems she has done away with due to the globalization of exchange?
    • Does her system consider everything to be a micro system since we access it individually and don’t need to go through other systems to access the resources we need / want?
    • How would you define this global exchange in terms of systems theory?

    Include in your paper:
    • An example of a micro system she addresses;
    • An example of a mezzo system she addresses;
    • An explanation of a macro system she addresses;
    • How are these boundaries blurred in the current economy as she explains it?

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