Racism Oral Presentation 5-7 minutes

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Use scholarly sources

1. How will you frame your selected topic within your field of study and explain why you chose that topic?

2. What is the significance of the issue you have been analyzing?

3. Highlight the key points identified in your Literature Review. Write transitions between your main points.

4. Explain (briefly) how you narrowed your focus from the global issue reviewed to a more specific topic. Justify your decision.

5. What key themes emerged in your Diversity Perspectives paper? Explain how these relate to your selected topic.

6. What strategies might result in more equitable treatment and thus may be worthy of further study?

7. What are the key ethical theories underpinning your Ethical Perspectives paper?

8. What competing perspectives are identified in your work, and what is the significance of those perspectives?

9. Summarize the ethical issues, policies, and action strategies that might result in more equitable treatment and are worthy of further study.

10. Plan to wrap up your oral presentation with a concise summary of the work you’ve done.


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