Reactive Attachment Disorder

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The area of attachment and bonding has become a significant area of debate in the field in recent years.  Over the past ten years, the diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) has continued to rise.  More and more research on RAD, a serious condition in which infants and young children do not establish healthy bond with parents or caregivers has been occurring.  The premise is that because the child’s instinctual needs for comfort, affection, and nurturing are not met, he or she never establishes loving and caring attachments with others.  The disruption is thought to cause problems with brain development as well.  Class – What are your thoughts?  Are attachments instinctual and do they influence personality development?  How can be brain development be impaired?

Respond in 1000 words with a scholarly references. Use citations, site your work and add references.

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