Read the articles and watch the film, then write a essay

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Format: Choose and answer in essay form one of the questions/topics listed below. Write no more than five but not less than four typed (Times New Roman, 12) double-spaced pages, margins of 1 inch at the top and bottom and on both sides of the text. Indent the first word of each paragraph one-half inch (or 5 spaces) from the left margin. If bibliographical material is consulted or quoted, you must include footnotes. Use formal/academic language. Late essays will not be accepted. This essay will count for 20% of your final grade.

Films included in this essay:

1.Babette’s Feast (1987, Denmark), Gabriel Axel.

2.Departures (2008, Japan), Yôjirô Takita.

3.Kadosh (1999, Israel), Amos Gitai.

4.Children of Heaven (1997, Iran), Majid Majidi.

General requirements:

1.In your essay, you must include what you have read in the articles and reflected based on viewing guides. The essay is not about your opinions. It is based on knowledge and actual analysis.

2.Refer to specific sequences, shots, characters, and/or scenes of the films. Show that you have attentively watched these films.

3.Refer to specific techniques used by filmmakers to support the ideas you are trying to demonstrate (for example: cutting shots, use of light and shadows, close up, inner monologues, use of landscape, the position of the camera, montage, the inclusion of other movies inside the movie, the use of symbols, play within the play, music, the use of a narrator, etc.)

4.Link the ideas or ideology of the film with its aesthetic/artistic elements.

5.Include references to the historical, political, social, religious, and/or cultural context in which these movies were made. In other words, what is the situation in the countries where these films were made and what are the values that these movies support or, on the contrary, challenge, undermine, and/or subvert?

1.Representation of religion in Babette’s Feast and Departures.

2.Representation of loss and mourning in Babette’s Feast and Departures.

3.Departures and Kadosh as films that focus on rituals and/or ceremonies.

4.Representations of gender in Babette’s Feast and Kadosh.

5.Representations of the city, society, and culture in Children of Heaven. How is this film critical toward Iranian society? How did the director avoid censorship and, therefore, how did this affect the way his criticism is presented?

6.Symbols in Departures (such as the cello, the stones, and different elements of nature) and Children of Heaven (such as shoes and the goldfish in the courtyard pool.)

IMPORTANT: If you use a source to support your answers, you must reveal those sources.

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