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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper would you characterize Chiquita’s historical approach to global management?

2.Describe Chiquita’s approach to human resource management in its global supply chain. What particular human resource challenges does Chiquita face as the purchaser, producer,and supplier of a commodity?

3. Does Chiquita’s global corporate responsibility program create a conflict between owners and other stakeholders? Who are Chiquita’s main stakeholders in the US and around the world, and how are they affected by Chiquita’s CR program?

4. how would you characterize Chiquita’s past and present leadership? how does leadership affect a company’s overall reputation?

5. DO you believe Chiquita would have changed its policies without the presence of damaging stories in the media? If not what does this say about Chiquita’s old management style?

6. what challenges does Chiquita’s new ownership face in continuing to turn the company around and bring profitability back to its operations?

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