reading and answer questions and write summary i need 2 files

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go to…

Here is the instruction:

InformeDesign. (N.D.) Research 101: Part I; Research 101: Part II and Research 101: Part III.

Informedesign Tutorial Assignment Instructions: (Found in the Conclusion Section of Part II). Read through Part I and Part II prior to starting the Assignment…it will make more sense :)!

Now that you’ve read through Part II of Research 101, put your new research vocabulary to use. Go to InformeDesign, find a Research Summary to your liking and see if you can determine the Research Question and Hypothesis. The Research Question is usually found in the Design Issue, which summarizes the “what” and “why” of the research.

Can you figure out what Research Problem the researchers were concerned with?

Then take a look at the Research Method. Can you determine the population that the researchers were studying?

How was the sample population selected – was the sample matched, random, or based on convenience?

Keep looking at the Research Method to discern if the researchers tested the significance of their findings. What sort of statistical methods (descriptive, inferential, or other) did they use?

If significance was tested can you pick out the findings from the Key Concepts or Design Criteria?

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