reading diary 2

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You should write reading diary based on readings and to write:

(1) thematic analysis–ability to identify the most important themes of the readings accurately, and the quality of your analysis of these themes,

(2) contextualization–analysis of the ‘voice’ of the author (point of view, source of authority), and relationship of the author’s arguments to other readings in the course or the lectures,

(3) personal synthesis–your analysis of how this reading adds to your overall understanding of religion in Korean society.


Chung, Confucianism, chapters 1-4

Buswell, Religions of Korea in Practice, chapters 10 & 11

Reject the False and Uphold the Straight”;

“Examinations and Orthodoxy in Chos?n Dynasty Korea,”

“Gender and Politics of Language in Chos?n Korea.”

“Buddhism under Confucian Domination,”

“Popular Religion in a Confucianized Society”

I will post the link to the reading later. You do not need to write those readings separately.

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