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Chapter 4 & 5


Readings from the textbook and other sources will be assigned three times during the quarter and will provide students opportunities to evaluate their understanding of concepts and ideas presented in the text and other sources. The reading responses will be completed independently.

For each reading response assignment, students are required to read all the assigned readings and answer the assigned prompts in complete sentences. Prompts will change depending on the readings. The reading response should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages and no less than 2 full double-spaced pages using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Each reading response is worth 20 points. They are due uploaded to Canvas by 9:10 am on each designated due date. Responses will be graded using the attached rubric.


  1. Describe what is meant by the phrase, “intellectual disability is a socially constructed condition.”
  2. What is self-determination? Describe the four components of self-determination and why it is important to foster self-determination.
  3. What issues are related to parental reactions to having a child with a disability, and what factors appear to be most predictive of how families will cope with the stress associated with having a child with a disability? In your response, address the role of stages in parental reactions.

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