Recruitment Methods

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Week 6 Assignment: Recruiting a Terrorist

Recruitment methods employed by terrorist organizations are varied in nature and have been compared to those of traditional, nonviolent organizations. Using the course materials, complete a five (5) to six (6) page paper in which you examine the recruitment methods and tools used by modern terrorist organizations. In your examination, address the following elements:

  • Select a modern terrorist organization, identifying the primary method of recruitment used to attract members to the organization.
    • Describe the tools, methods of communication, and typical sequence of events followed during this stage of recruitment.
  • Investigate the ways in which the selected terrorist organization completes the selection process.
    • Include a detailed discussion of the methods used to determine recruit suitability within the organization, including, but not limited to, knowledge tests, ability tests, tests of loyalty, etc.
  • Explore the influence of modern technology in the recruitment of terrorists.
    • Examine the ways in which technology has expanded the reach of modern terrorism, affecting the incidence of the individual acts of terrorism, or lone wolf attacks.
  • Close by addressing the ways in which the recruitment in terrorist organizations is comparable to or distinctly different from recruitment in traditional, nonviolent organizations. Provide details to support the position taken.
  • Include references to the available course materials, citing a minimum of two (2) course sources.
  • Papers should be formatted according to 6th edition APA style.
    • Include a separate title page.
    • In-text citations.
    • Reference page for all sources cited in-text.

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