Reflection between 250 – 500 words.

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Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to examine how well you recognize and can critically analyze race, class, and gender. Popular culture is in many respects a reflection of our society. So, in the film or TV show you have chosen, you will use concepts related to race, class, and/or gender to guide your analysis. For example, you could consider the following: social construction, gender polarization, feminism, gender inequality, institutionalized racism, stratification, social mobility, social reproduction, cultural capital/social capital, etc. Feel free to get creative! Specific examples with descriptions of scenes, episodes, characters etc. will strengthen your writing.

You may also consider questions like: how do these sources of social difference influence/not influence the story that is told? How might this film/TV show be different if it focused on a different race/class/gender groups?

Furthermore, beyond just recognizing just one category of social difference, we are going to push ourselves to discuss all three and take an intersectional approach.

The reflection will be between 250 – 500 words.

You don’t need to cite the film/TV show. You can however cite readings/textbook to support your writing. In that case, please cite the readings in your writing by mentioning the author’s last name and year of publication. 

The TV show that I have chosen is ( Glee is a popular TV show that gained increased fame since its onset in 2009. The show focuses on the social constructions of minor groups in the society including homosexuals who struggle to come out. Although the displays the idea of differences through the inclusion of race, body weight, religion and sexuality the plot, a lot of experimentation with sexuality and gender identity is seen. The show uses distinct characters who are defined by their ‘abnormalities’ to express the gender identity issues that appear to revolve around the social constructions of the community. Kurt Hummer, Fin and Puck as well as the football coach, Shannon Beiste have been displayed as the examples for build-up of the themes of feminism and masculinity as related to identity crisis. Glee does not only use these ideas as a part of humor but stresses that such stereotypes in the society are acceptable as the show has premiered up to 2015 with no opposition. )

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