REFLECTION: What makes for the “best of all possible worlds?”

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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz felt that because God created the world, it is the “best of all possible worlds.” Voltaire presented a far more critical perspective, suggesting that the bad and evil which surrounds us makes clear that this is notthe best of all possible worlds. Others, like Mary Wollstonecraft, focused on the injustices faced by particular groups in society (women, in her case), and sought to improve upon those problems.

What do you see as the most essential things in creating the “best of all possible worlds?” Really dig deep here- don’t just talk about material things, talk about what will make the world better in a meaningful way. Do we need more justice for certain people? Do we need an end to poverty, hunger, etc.? What are the two or three things you would change about the world, if you could do anything?

Complete a response to these questions in at least 250 words (though you could certainly write a lot more).

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