Reflective paper on the Logistics and supply chain management program, business and finance assignment help

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in this activity, you will produce and submit a reflective paper which examines your individual experience and provides a critical examination of your performance and what can be improved. Your reflective paper must address each of the following learning objectives:

  • Synthesis of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program experience identifying key components and ideas which are present throughout the program.
  • Development of career objectives or after program objectives based on what is learned in the program.
  • Associate the courses with key components of a successful logistics or supply chain career.
  • Critical examination of individual performance, examining weaknesses and strengths to take advantage of and clarify opportunities for exploiting successful use of the degree.
  • Critical examination of the weaknesses, strengths and opportunities for the program to grow and enhance the student experience.

Your reflective paper will be 8 -10 pages, and follow current APA formatting.

Save your document in Microsoft Word format with the following naming protocol: LastNameFirstInitial_reflection (example: smithj_reflection). You will submit your completed document using the ‘Submit Assignment’ link.

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