reinforcement schedules and observational learning

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Part 1: I need to response or give opinion at least 8-10 Sentence

This week we focus on the reinforcement schedules and observational learning (situational planning).  The outlines for actions forms center on Getting kids to do what they can but won’t and what they don’t know how.  these are really focused on implementing the reinforcement schedules in a hands on fashion.  While completing the sheets is the activity for the week let’s use the discussion board to relate to each other doing these things… or how they’ve been done to us (as children, with children, or since then). 

Here’s an easy one we used with my oldest child.  He loves loves loves video games and is now at the #1 school in the country for video game development (computer angle). While in school he had classic ADD (no hyperactivity) and so focusing in school was difficult.  We developed a 3 face chart he carried with him.  If he focused on work and got it done during school the teacher would mark the smiley face, if so so then the neutral face, and then the frowny face.  In order to get all time on his video games after school he had to have a morning and afternoon smiley face.  1/2 and 1/2 meant 1/2 the time, and frowny faces meant not today.  It worked like a charm.  He loved videog games so much that after some struggles he would do whatever was needed to get the smiley faces.  We could tell when he got a frowny or neutral face as he would be so sad coming out of school.  The best thing…. the chart was self reinforcing.  If he got frowny or neutral faces and was sad we could emplathize with him and say “you’ll get em tomorrow so you get all your game time” and congratulate him for doing well.  Criticism and punishment not needed.  Proper situational planning really does make it work well!  And when it doesn’t the holes are obvious and can be worked on. 

How have you experienced it?

Part 2: I need to response or give opinion At least 8-10 Sentence

I have a client who enjoys karate movies. Though he is not a child he is developmentally challenged and his mental age is 8. He and I discuss  different types of communication in a group setting. He knows when he sees me we will discuss Effective Communication so he immediately says “Bingo was good”. We talk about how he did when he played bingo and he is required to tell me for 5 minutes.

At first he starts off very distracted and uses simple wording like ” I did Good”. But over the course of the 5 minutes he begins to recollect more details about how he didn’t cover a letter or how he almost won a round but he was one letter off. He seems more and more motivated to talk about the daily excersice also because his mother hears how he tried and she offers positive feedback.

Client benefits because he is being encouraged to play as well as recollect his experience. The client also has come home with small prizes so he is also motivated to play. Towards the end of the 5 minutes he sees that my phone is plugged in and I will pull up YouTube so he can watch his favorite kung fu flick.

This is a person that has a great deal of difficulty in social situations and I used to work with him at his activity center where we started playing bingo as a letter and number recognition game that stimulated him socially. I told him then he had to play 20 mins of Bingo to get 10 mins of Kung Fu on my Iphone. Now I have transitioned out of the activity center and work with him at home. His social activity has increased.

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