Remember the Titans Instructions

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Instructions/Guidelines for this assignment:

This is a great movie to watch from a leadership perspective. Please take into consideration the context of when this event happened (Vietnam War, Integration of Schools, etc). Please use the following issues as a guide to analyze this movie but feel free to go any direction you wish. Discuss the personality types of the major characters (the two coaches and several of the key players), the coaches conflict resolution approaches, communication approaches, discipline approaches, organizational approaches, teambuilding approaches, approaches towards diversity.

Questions to address:

1. Discuss the leadership styles of Coach Boone and Coach Yoast.

2. How did you think the first meeting between Coach Boone and Coach Yoast went? Did the second meeting (when Coach Boone was named head coach) go differently?

3. What important leadership lessons were learned during the training camp? Were these lessons sustainable?

4. Discuss the discipline/team building approaches of both coaches. Which do you think was more effective (or were they both effective in their own way)?

5. What leadership lessons did you take away from this film that you can use today?

Again, enjoy analyzing this film; I am looking forward to reading your papers.

PS Do some research on Coach Yoast (the real one). You will be surprised where he coached football prior to moving to Virginia.

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