Remote Sensing: 1 page write up investigating an aerosol event

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Pick a day from the last two years, investigate an aerosol event
observable in the satellite product data.
Eg. Dust storm, wildfire, pollution, volcanic
Describe the event in terms of type of
aerosols and chemistry, interaction with and
effects on clouds (or potential) and the

I provided the powerpoint for more clarification.

Some guiding questions:

Look at and consider the many satellite products available: eg.
AOD, pollutant gases, cloud effective radius
What are the satellite products showing? Why? How does this
relate to the aerosol event?
Are there any relationships between the satellite products?
You may want to look a few days either side of your chosen date
to look at the longer story – Is your chosen day the start of an
event, the end or the middle?
You may want to corroborate events with external reports
Make sure you pay attention to which satellite and instrument
you are acquiring data from and include that in your report
Please take a screen capture of the event satellite products (not
inclusive of 1 or 2 pages).

Things to remember:

• Please provide a scale!!! – Without a scale, the
numbers are meaningless

Figure captions are a must (below the figure)

• Figures must be referred to in text (Figure 1)

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