Research leadership and communication and analyze the scenario in the question

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Research the topic of leadership and
communication. Review and analyze this scenario:

Ben Williams is the
CEO of a public relations firm. He has four direct reports who are in charge of
different components of his firm including operations, human resources,
finance, and administrative support. On a semiannual basis, the firm surveys
the employees to assess their level of satisfaction with the leadership.

Williams has noticed a
trend in survey results over the last year. Comments and scores indicate the
staff is unhappy with the level of communication from the top down. Williams
does not understand why this is an issue.

Currently, Williams
communicates with staff when there is a problem or if he believes they need to
make a change. He does this by telling them exactly what they need to do, but
not why they need to do it. Staff often finds out about new projects when
others have already begun working on them. Williams does not like electronic
communications, nor does he believe that meetings are useful. However, as he
reviews this trend, he realizes he must change the way he communicates.

For this assignment, research
the topic of leadership and communication
. Make sure you address the
following questions:

  1. What communication strategies are
    associated with effective leadership?
  1. What does Williams need to do
    differently to communicate effectively as a leader?

Write a 3-4 page
paper analyzing this scenario. Include two additional pages for the title and
reference page
. Include all elements listed below in your paper.

You are required to incorporate a minimum of 2 additional
references from the the open Web.

Use the APA
Template Paper
, which is formatted for you in the style you will use for
all of your assignments. Simply replace the informational placeholders with
your own information. Write directly into this template and save it as your own

For the open Web
sources, be sure to include in-text citations.

  • Make
    sure your final paper includes the following elements:
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
    of the paper
  • Conclusion
  • References

Note that the
institution requirement is that 70% of your paper represents your own thoughts,
analysis, and paraphrasing. In other words, your Turnitin score should be no
higher than 30%.

If you find that your
score is above 30%, do some rewriting and submit again until you receive 30% or
lower. Note that a 70% score indicates an appropriate balance of direct
quotations and your own thoughts, analysis, summary, and paraphrasing.

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