Research Proposal

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You will choose a topic of interest to you; ideally, the topic is related to the methods and scholars that
you are studying for your discipline awareness project. The topic must relate in some way to an area in
your field of study. This is the part where I will need some help. You will use
a combination of scholarly, professional, government, and mass media sources to build your argument.
You will use APA format and include a references page

Proposal Requirement:

Title: A descriptive statement of the project.

• Literature review: Explain your scholarly question and provide a rationale for your project. Include
a narrative review of appropriate literature with in-text citations. What is your question and why
is it significant?

• Process: Describe your project design and methods. Include a description of materials and
equipment necessary to complete the project. What will you do to answer your question?

• Expected outcomes: Describe the anticipated outcomes, products and/or results of your project
and its contribution to the scholarly community. What will you produce? How will your results be
disseminated in your field?

• References: Include complete reference list of works cited and consulted in the style most
appropriate to the discipline.

Initial research proposal: 2-3 pages;

For this initial proposal, I expect to see:

• sections that are somewhat unfocused, but areas where connections are being made between

• relevant, credible sources being cited, even though these sources might not be fully integrated at
this stage

• a sense of audience, even if the audience is conceived in broad terms at this stage

• an attempt at making an argument based on the current version of the research question. Again,
the argument might not be complex, but it should show engagement with the research.

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