Research Question and Ethical Considerations and Methodology, sociology homework help

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Hello I am seeking 2-3 page paper on these questions listed below. I do have a Literature Review that you can get some information from, the paper needs to be based on what the literature review is talking about which is about Muslim women in America and the religious significance of the Hijab and how things changed after 9/11.

The research proposal should follow these formatting guidelines: two to three pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman

There are references at the bottom of the Literature Review that you are more than welcome to use!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have questions just ask.

  1. Research Question and Ethical Considerations:
    1. a) Based on the previous research you located from the literature review, create a research question or statement, and explain its creation.
    2. b) Describe the implications of your research.
      1. What will your research do for the community at large or the field in which you are working?
    3. c) Discuss how you will gain access to, or conduct, your data collection from people and cultures in an ethical manner. (Provide specific examples of
      ethical dilemmas that may arise.)
    4. d) Create a hypothesis that describes the expected relationship between the research variables.
  2. Methodology: In this section, you will describe the “how” of your research design.

    1. a) Describe your proposed methodology and why you decided to use this methodology. (Consider using qualitative data, quantitative data, or a mix
      of both if necessary.)
    2. b) Describe the scale of your research, justifying your sample size. (Be sure to explain the boundaries of the population in your justification. If you
      are planning to analyze a secondary dataset, explain the implications of its size on your research question.)
    3. c) Explain how you plan to analyze your collected data. (Will it be descriptive or inferential? How will you analyze subjective data differently from
      objective data?)

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