Researched Argument Paper

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Researched Argument Paper

English 101, Fall 2018

(35% of total grade)

Due:December 6 by class time in hard copy (HC) form and on BB.Two points will be deducted if a hard copy is not present at the beginning of class.Two points will be deducted if the paper is not stapled before the beginning of class.

Paper Description:

The researched argument is a 2400 to 3000-word essay in MLA style.It follows the classical system of argument, which we will discuss in class.[1] You can also read more about the classical system on your own.See footnote below.

In this paper, you create a persuasive argument concerning an issue of your choice.However, instructor permission must be given first.

  • At least 7 different sources must be cited in this paper.
  • A couple sources may be used for background information, and at least 1 for counterargument (using two is also fine).The rest of the sources should be used to support your argument.
  • Overall, 2 of your sources should be from a book; 2 from peer-reviewed articles; and 1 from a website listed as a .org, .net, .lib, .edu, or .gov.
  • A properly-formatted MLA works cited page is required.
  • The general rubric template will be used for this class.See BB > Content > Rubric Template Eng. 101.
  • Helpful Tips:Incorporating Quotes in Your Paper
  • Special Considerations
  • Classical Structure Page Breakdown Suggestions

Students can be intimidated regarding how and how much to include quotations in their papers.How much is too much?How much is too little?Either situation will hurt your paper’s grade.

As the class rubric notes in section B:your body will need a.) topic sentences that are clear and related to the thesis and b.)sufficient details develop and support topic sentences.

An excellent way to develop body paragraphs (and increase your word count!) is to follow the “sandwich” or “hamburger” method in the second link above.

  • Points can be lost if one does not include the required number of sources.
  • Your paper risks receiving a failing grade if:
  • permission is not granted for your research topic
  • if the paper does not clearly follow the classical system
  • if you write simply an informative paper
  • if you over use block quotes, so that your own, original thought is significantly lacking in the paper.

(for 2400 to 3000-word paper)

The suggested section lengths below represent an approximation.This is done in an effort to help students avoid unnecessarily making some sections too long or too short.

  • ½ – ¾ pagesIntro., with thesis
  • 1-2 pages Background
  • 4 pages (at least)Lines of Argument
  • No more than 1 ½ pagesCounter argument
  • ½ – ¾ pagesRefutation of Counter Argument
  • ½ – ¾ pagesConclusion

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