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The old saying if it isn’t broken don’t fix it rarely applies to business and epically advertising. Times are changing, people are changing, technology is change and this all calls for the way business is done to change. Rarely now is an AD in a news paper seen and what is that? because the new world is pushing out the news paper due to technology. An example is some of these older companies that are now forced to keep up with the times but doing this can also push away older consumers. Older consumers don’t deal with technology as much so when that AD in the paper their so used to seeing disappears they may be upset. An example of this is the company Kodak. Now with this new technology everybody pretty much uses their phones to take pictures, long gone are the days of disposable cameras. With that being said where does that leave you if they hire you to promote? in a bit of a panic because its extremely hard to promote something that is becoming almost useless. 

I want respond for this dissection 

 think has embraced the new trend on advertising.  This company selects from a variety of companies and advertise using the marketing tools of its own.  Consumers purchase from companies they are familiar with and they trust; therefore, Amazon has taken on-line shopping to the next level.  Their web services allow Amazon to efficiently reach customers across the web.  Initially, Amazon started with book sells and rentals.  From there, Amazon has extended their customer base by adding on thousands and thousands of products at reasonable prices.  They are able to do this, because of their brand and the brands they have placed under their umbrella.  With the constant changes in advertising, Amazon uses ecommerce to increase their profits with other companies by selling them space on their sites. Based upon today’s technology, it is in the best interest for companies to keep up with the trends, constantly changing styles, and advertising is one of them. 

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There are three main reasons as to why companies will successfully transition into major changes within their individual industries. The number one reason is innovation. You must continue to work to stay creative. One of the hardest parts of marketing is setting your company apart from all the other organizations that are offering the same services or products. This couples with your business staying current. Even though you need to stand out, you also want to be able to compete with the rest of them. Finally, how can you do that without connecting with your consumers? According to Alton (2015) “The connection economy rewards value created by building relationships and creating connections, rather than building assets by industrialism.” 

The millennial generation is definitely one that causes for major change in message and delivery. Everything is fast pace which in turns changes how things are perceived. The amount of time you have to prove something true to this new generation has pretty much been cut in half. The slow thinkers are slowly but surely disintegrating. We are now selling to fast thinkers, talkers, and decision makers. A sense of entitlement has also been used quite a few times to describe this generation according to Ideas TO GO (2016).

Because of the demand for change is so high, there will be some resistance from established companies. This will in turn cause for a shift in the stabilities in some companies. However, for businesses who strive on keeping up with the times, and innovation, they should be fine such as Google, Apple, Target, McDonald’s, etc. They will find creative ways to keep their consumers’ attention without stepping away from the moral that the company was once built on. Change is inevitable. The unity of the message comes from staying true to the company’s mission, vision, and values.

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