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“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare. Applyng this to the communications in my life, I would say that this quote is true because often times when I am speaking to a close friend or family member, I tend to over think the situations more than it is needed; which makes me think that the situation will turn out bad, when in reality it is not. Another example, in my current relationship, planning things out makes easier for myself and my partner because everything is all set, which in my mind, I am thinking that everything will turn out smoothly and it will be a great date. However, because I am thinking that it will be good and that nothing could go wrong, I often get my hopes up, which ruins the date because nothing went as planned.

Overall, I think that this quote says a lot communications because most times thinking blocks out the true meaning of something. By that, I mean we tend to over think, over analyze and over interpret situations than we need too. The book states, “The mind plays an important role in determining how we feel [Genov, 2001].” (p. 230). This quote from the book plays hand in hand with Shakespeare’s quote because our mind creates things that may or may not be needed when communicating, which can either be good or bad depending on how we think.

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