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Qualitative studies could be used in researching how patients feel about their stay in a facility. It is a way to develop hypothesis an identify needs of a patient. Qualitative research is useful for uncovering and understanding thoughts and opinion. For example, a questionnaire could be used to collect data, as well as open-ended questions, observation, and interviews. This type of collection is something nurses use in their work every day. They are interviewing patients to gather health data or questionnaires for patient satisfaction. The data, in turn, is used for making changes such as at my hospital after a survey the kitchen changed from set meal delivery times to patient being able to order 24 hours a day. Rigor in this type of study needs to be maintained for consistency and accuracy of the data collected (Grand Canyon University, 2018).

Quantitative research can be used for determining statistical validation or measure satisfaction in a study. Quantitative research is used to measure and predict, leading to a course of action. The numerical information collected is reflective of the variable being analyzed. In nursing, this type of study could be used for staffing ratios or finding mortality rates.


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