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Choose a large company to review and it should not be matched with another person

Look for the organization’s Annual Report with financial information for the past three years. Compute the percentage change year over year for several of the financial indicators. Some examples are:

  • Sales to customers
  • Net earnings
  • Earnings per share

Overall, explain the health of the organization and what the organizational growth percentage is over the past three to five years.

The presentation should be approximately 20-25 slides in length and should include the following layout:

  • Cover slide (name of company and all team names here)
  • Agenda
  • Organizational Description (approximately 5 slides)
  • One slide for each financial indicator measured year over year (at least 6 slides)
  • Overall financial health of the organization (approximately 5 slides)
  • Other health indicators for the organization (approximately 2-3 slides)
  • Conclusion
  • Questions and Answers slide

There should be a no plagiarism and no paraphrasing and no safe assign

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