Review tests 502

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Visit the websites below or seek out similar websites that offer free, online psychological tests. Select and complete 5 different psychological tests. Try to find a variety of subjects (IQ, personality, etc.). Write a 2 page evaluation of each which includes:

  • A description of the test – format (multiple choice, etc.), number of items, title of test, source, etc.
  • A summary of your results
  • An analysis of the quality of the test, specifically discussing validity, reliability, and research based item construction, the theoretical basis for the test (if any), as well as how this test compares to formal psychological tests that might be used by a professional psychologist.
  • A conclusion paragraph that summarizes your assessment of the test, its use, and its accuracy

Total submission will consist of 10 pages (5, 2 page summaries), double spaced and in APA format, plus a title and reference page.

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