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Please read entirely this is a non-academic assignment. 2 pages no word count

Questions asked by employee attached is information but I need well polished with clear and concise rewrite. stronger vocabulary words

Company Senior living has been replace with real company name.

  • Why you think you would be the best match for our new opening.
  • Our team is HIGHLY interested to learn about the experience, exposure and what someone would bring from the hospitality side of things.
  • We are looking for the customer focused approach that is centered on hospitality, providing an exceptional customer experience, etc.
  • We are looking for someone to share how creative and innovative they have been (I was told you shared some positives in this arena) and what they feel they could bring to the table for us – offering a corporate approach with individual spin off focuses that will directly connect with the individuality and culture within our various Communities for Healthy Living (CHLs).
  • Creating menu items that can be modified for dietary type needs (sodium, gluten, fat, vegetarian, etc.) as well as offer some things that are 100% unique to each of our CHLs.
  • Creating systems, processes, programs and procedures are also important. Previous experience working with some standards that might have been set in place all the way to creating things from scratch – especially creating things from scratch and offering outside the box perspectives to help us LEAD in our culinary efforts (and in the senior living industry, given our hospitality focus that is complimented by creativity and innovation).

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