Risk Management Project Plan

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  • Preparation

    Select a case study to use for your course project. You are encouraged to select your own scenario. The case study must use an IT-based scenario.Examples include the following:

    • Planning and implementing new software or updating existing software for a business.
    • Planning and implementing a new system or updating a legacy system for a business.
    • Migrating and integrating a new component into an existing network component for a business.
    • Planning and implementing an expansion to an IT system.
    • Moving an IT system to a new location.
  • Additional Requirements

    • Submit the project proposal, explaining the case study you have selected for your project plan.
    • In the Project Plan Template, add sections as necessary to complete your project charter, team contract, and risk identification questions (There are comments and guidance in the template to assist you in this endeavor.). Provide at least two references from the Internet or the Library in the development of your project charter. Record the references in APA format in the References section of the Project Plan Template.
    • Upload the complete document with the Project Charter, Team Contract, and Risk Identification Questions completed and the References section updated.

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