Santa Monica Buskers

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Ethnography paper. Need at least 3 interviews, but interviews can be made up.
Three components are required for this essay: 1. Ethnographies(interview
and observation) 2. Background research from secondary sources(books,
articles, videos) 4 sources are needed at least, and 2 of them have to
be from the UCR Library( 3. Writer’s own experience
and opinions.
Two ethnography paper examples:…
My Topic is street performers in Santa Monica, please do the interviews
if you can, if not, interviews can be made up. Two references to this
Another Key to this essay is to counter the single story which means the
one side of a story. Ex: when we think of street performers, we always
tend to think them as poor, need to make a living, but can we make an
exception like a wealthy old man who perform on streets to fulfill his
dream he had when he was young. Therefore, the key is to counter the
inherent bias that people have towards another community.

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