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I would like to have a sample draft by choosing a varus or bacteria.

Choose a newspaper article or publication of your choice, apply principles learned in BIOS 242, and research a virus or bacteria in connection to nursing/health care.

In addition to the article, information to include in the paper should include, morphology, gram stain characteristics, virulence factors, susceptibility to antibiotics, host cells, nutritional needs, growth conditions, mechanisms used to evade the immune system and invasion into the host(s), interactions with the hosts and diseases caused and affected body systems. Additionally, students should explain symptoms when the virus or bacteria infects a host, as well as a diagnosis and the therapeutic intervention needed after infection. You may also add information on statistics related to infection (epidemiology) and any new research findings related to the pathogen.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

·Length: 2 pages (not including title page or references page)

·1-inch margin

·Double spaced

·12-point Times New Roman font

·Title page

·References page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources)

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