Should Society Act now to Halt Global Warming?, philosophy assignment help

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In the last decade there have been many news reports of bigger floods, more numerous and stronger hurricanes, hotter summer etc. But the weather is something that fluctuates tremendously, both in time and in space. Individual storms, floods and heat waves, …. even decades of them, even record breakers do not signal a trend. It takes many decades of them to make trends clear.

The heat trapping effect of carbon dioxide has never been controversial, but many scientists have resisted the claim that human activities were responsible for increasing the average carbon dioxide level. Other opponents argue that global warming will not have a significant impact on the earth and the economics costs to avoid it will be too burdensome.

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Does it seem more helpful to the world’s poorest people to do what we can do to halt or slow down global warming or does it seem more reasonable to object to controlling carbon emissions on the grounds that such efforts will damage the economy? Can we help these poorer nations more effectively if our economy remains strong?

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