SJSU Central Business District Discussion

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(Great English is a must!! No grammar errors!)

(Answers available online)

(1000 words, APA Format)


Subject of the paper: If you retrieve your answers from external sources (I know they are available online) please paraphrase them so they do not look plagiarized. This tends to be more a paraphrasing work


Requirement:  Choose 3 questions from part B and answer each of them in 200 words (total 600 words) and then choose 1 question from part C and answer in in 400 words. The total amount this paper should be is 1000 words. Please include references for your answer.

PART B: Answer any 3 of the questions B.1 – B.5. Do not answer additional questions. This part is worth 30% of the exam.

B.1. Why, according to Brueckner, do some people rent housing and others own housing?

B.2. Compare the degree to which individual utility is increased vs. slums reduced for the following housing subsidy programs: IG, HV, PRS, and PH.

B.3. Why, according to Brueckner, is there a misallocation of housing under rent control?

B.4. According to Brueckner, are renters more likely to abuse property than owners?

B.5. Briefly explain Glaeser and Gyourko’s assessment of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

PART C: Answer only 1 of the questions C.1 – C.3. Do not answer additional questions. This part is worth 55% of the exam.

C.1. Richard Florida describes “The Big Sort.” What forces propel this sorting? What are the implications of the Big Sort?

C.2. Brueckner describes a choice model of homelessness and policies to address homelessness. In particular, he says that well-meaning policies like minimum dwelling size can backfire. How can this happen?

C.3. Glaeser and Gyourko say that the mortgage interest deduction does not make good policy. Why, according to them, is this the case?

Other information:   APA Format. Word count:

Part B = 3 * 200 words = 600 words

Part C = 400 words 

Total 600 +400 words = 1000 words

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