SOC-100 Incidents of Inequality

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Search the GCU Library for articles that describe incidents of gender, age, racial, and ethnic discrimination.

Choose two incidents of discrimination. Be sure each is of a different type of discrimination (age, gender, race, and/or ethnicity, etc.).

Complete the “Incidents of Inequality” worksheet and submit it to your instructor.

APA is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Here is the feedback for the last one that was similar to this from the instructor,

“Thank you for your essay submission on deviance and the consequences. You offered some meaningful responses to the essay prompts, and you offered good applications. Upon review I see the similarity score is acceptable. The essay was well written. Your material was well cited. Please be aware of resources in the SSC or contact me directly, should you need further clarification. Not all prompts were covered. General Feedback: It is important to cover all parts of the prompt. The spirit of this assignment was to cover specific acts that violated social norms. The prompts for the assignment require that the act was one with witnesses so that you could discuss demographics and witness reactions. Also, you should be able to discuss attempts to control the deviant act. Your selection, although representative of deviance, did not offer an application that was a specific act where you could apply these requirements of the assignment.”

She deducted some points from the last assignment.

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