Social Media Marketing Plan

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Resources: Week 3 Social Media Marketing Plan presentation and the Social Media Marketing Plan Template

Complete and submit the Social Media Marketing Plan Template using 750 to 1,400 words based upon your company of choice. A separate written paper is not required.

Provide a strategy and objective for your plan and include the following:

  • Define key messages to reach your target audience
  • Determine five key influencers Note: Make sure you know what an influencer is!
  • Describe tactics that will appeal to your key influencers

Include a proposed timeline with measurable and tangible metrics for measuring success, and include plans for any adjustments that may need to occur.

Include at least three references. Perform scholarly research. Go beyond class textbooks and company information.

Answer the following: Chapter 24 begins by offering the observation that some individuals are hesitant to jump into the social media marketing world. At this point, you have to recognize it takes effort and activity. If you don’t try, you’ll never be successful or even know what you could have accomplished. You can visualize or create the best strategies and tactics the world has ever seen or imagined. However, if you don’t actually even attempt an implementation, you’ll never know what you could have achieved.

Are you afraid of possible failure, criticism or even success? If so you’re your own worst enemy blocking a path to potential learning, progress and exceeding your goals.

Class: What are your next steps? What action will you take? How will you overcome your own fears?

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