social work assignment weekly discussion

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PROMPT: Stages of change exercise

Think about what you have learned about behavior change.

Choose one of the following case examples for this exercise:

1.“As I understand it, your goal is to lose weight and be healthier?”

2. “You want to learn how to be a more effective parent when disciplining your children?”

3. “You want to make your eldest son attend family therapy sessions?”

4. “You want to stop drinking?”

5.” You want your family to help more with household chores so you can enjoy more time spent with them?”

6. “You want your spouse to quit complaining about ____________________?”

For your chosen case example, provide specific MAPS goals (measurable, attainable, positive, and specific goals) that you could employ with a potential client to help support this change.

How would you monitor progress and focus on improvements?

What may help refocus an individual if “detoured” from agreed upon MAPS goals?

Or if they lost hope in the process of change or achieving their goal?

What resources did you find helpful in order to prepare for your specific case example for this assignment?

Please upload a useful resource into the thread so our class may increase their tools to help in addressing specific issues with potential clients.

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