Socioemotional Processes and Development: Emotional Development, The Self, Identity, and Personality

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Assignment    Personality Traits:

In a 2-3 page paper, summarize the findings from the                           online “Five Factor Personality Test” on each of the five dimensions of                               your personality. Share your feelings about your scores/interpretation of                          scores. Based upon what you learned in the Learning Resources, explain                                 what you believe to be the influences in your life that produced your type                               of personality. Describe how and why your personality has impacted your                               cognitive, social, and emotional development. Discuss if you think that                                     your personality traits have changed over the past 10 years, and explain                              those changes that you identify.

This week you get to have a bit of fun by taking 2 assessments as we study emotional development and attachment and personality. You will study what biological foundations (nervous system) are involved in emotion, various views (Functionalist) of emotion and how emotion(s) may be regulated. You will consider this through the three lifespan changes of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The quality of attachment formed in childhood significantly impacts the natural attachment one forms later in life whether it is romantic or job related. In chapter 11 you delve into how the self, identity and personality are formed. Trait theory (Big Five) is introduced to help us understand personality and underlying characteristics. This is the foundation for the assessment you will be taking. Please note how self-esteem and self-concept develop and ways we may increase/improve them.

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