sociology question 140

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Social Groups, Formal organizations & Social Institutions

THE CORPORATION—A DOMINATING ECONOMIC INSTiTUTION producing vast amounts of goods and services.

Part One:

  1. Research the historical development and changes in THE Corporationsrelative to how they are legally chartered and the impact they have on the national and global economies. How has the legal status and power of corporations changed over time? You may want to refer to the first 45 minutes of the documentary film “The Corporation”you can find this on YOUTUBE
  2. How would a sociologist view the modern corporation when viewing it through the Functional,Conflict and Symbolic interactionlenses?
  3. How did many clothing manufacturers, like Nike, try to increase their profit through unethical business practices abroad?

Part Two: Find an article –in the newspaper, magazine, or on the internet–relative to corporations; some current issue involving a positive or negative situation. Briefly summarize the issue and how it impacts the local, national, or global culture.

Part three: Google (The Theory of Bureaucracy of Max Weber, Merits and Demerits)

  • a)Write up a short definition of bureaucracy—how would you summarize what it means?
  • b)List six merits of a bureaucracy as outlined in the reading.
  • c)List four demerits of bureaucracy as outlined in this reading.

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