Solve these questions below for forensic science

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I want you please to follow the guide for this assingment.

Homework 5: Refresher on Impressions and Learning about AAFS Hello all! Instead of class on October 29 th, you will need to complete the assignments below. I will be out of town at a training and will be back with you the following week. These assignments will be due on NOVEMBER 5 th . Have fun and happy learning! 1. Watch this video:  Identify five things you learned about AAFS  Do you plan on joining AAFS, why or why not? How might membership in this organization help your career?  Why do you think the AAFS is important to the forensic sciences? 2. Go to the following websites and complete the courses identified below: Understanding Basic Statistical Concepts: Fingerprints – Archival Version: 6176-4CCE-9218-C113DFCE0B16 Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow – Archival: 81e2-4f06-95bf-614e2ee37ac4 Submit the certificates provided at the end of each course.

That is the first assingment.

In class, we will discuss the role and techniques of the forensic sciences. Using the readings, the lectures and other academic sources, please watch a single episode of NCIS or CSI and analyze what you see on television in 3-4 pages. This does not include cover page, charts, graphs, images or reference pages. This should include a very brief synopsis of the episode (less than one page). Do these shows abide by the legal considerations discussed in this class? Are they using sound investigative techniques, to include crime scene processing, evidence collection, testing and storage of evidence, etc.? Identify what are they doing right and identify and discuss problems or deviations from reality. Why might these deviations occur? Is there evidence to support the CSI effect, or not? If real agencies conducted investigations in this manner, what would be the likely outcome? How do these discrepancies between fact and fiction impact real life investigations? Remember to use APA format, have internal citations and provide a reference list. Writing Assignment Due: November 5 th

That is the second one please make it very for international student.

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