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order Protection and Immigration

In the last decade, illegal immigration has become a hot topic to the American public and thus an issue for congressional leaders. Research shows that many illegal immigrants cross the southern border and are fleeing Mexico or Central America.

This week, search for three scholarly articles either on border protection or immigration. You can use South University Online Library databases to conduct your search. Critically analyze the findings in the articles and the authors’ conclusions or summaries.

Based on your critical analyses of the three scholarly articles on either border protection or immigration, address the following:

  • What are the significant challenges faced by the United States regarding border protection or illegal immigration?
  • What initiatives is the United States taking to tackle the challenges of border protection or illegal immigration?
  • Compare and contrast the three authors’ conclusions or summaries.
  • Select one of the states on the Southern border and examine the efforts of that state to protect its borders. Are these efforts effective? What are the barriers that these states face in trying to secure their borders?

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate


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