speech 3 informational speech

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The purpose of an informative speech is to impart knowledge and understanding to your audience about a topic with which they are unfamiliar. Informative speeches should clarify and extend existing knowledge. Topics for informative speeches can include people, places, concepts, objects, and processes.


You must develop topic ideas which must be approved by the instructor. You will have a time limit of 4-6 minutes and must follow time signals. When developing your speech, you are expected to incorporate an appropriate organizational pattern, establish clear points and support your points with evidence. You must conduct research for this speech. The sources must be credible and current. Works must be cited in MLA or APA format (be consistent). You must turn in a full sentence properly formatted and structured outline on the day of your speech which must contain a Works Cited section and must contain a minimum of 4 credible sources. When delivering your speech, you are expected to use effective verbal and non-verbal communication. Students are required to include effective visual aids that seamlessly support verbal statements.

The most successful speeches will seek to create understanding and awareness about something with which the audience is unfamiliar. Choose a topic that creates interest and engagement. Again, topics must be approved by your instructor to receive credit.


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